Hinduja Tech partners with Senseye

9 June 2022, 11:50 am
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Hinduja Tech (HT), a leading e-mobility engineering and digital
services company, has partnered with a globally trusted, sustainable machine health management company, Senseye.

Senseye is renowned for delivering AI-powered solutions for machine reliability and predictive maintenance for Global Fortune 500 companies.

By partnering with Senseye, Hinduja Tech will offer a tailored, value-added multi-layered solution for customers at various stages of their Industry 4.0 transformation journey, according to a release here.

Hinduja Tech is delighted to launch into the Industry 4.0 market with a proven, complete yet easy to deploy and scalable IoT Platform with predictive maintenance. It predicts failures of machines with unique and proprietary machine learning and performs prognostic analysis to improve the maintenance process in a simple and economical way to make data-driven decisions for profitable business results, the release said.

By integrating its expertise in Digital Services that includes end-to-end SAP Automotive solutions along with Manufacturing and Plant engineering experience, Hinduja Tech will be
able to develop the best-in-class complete IIoT solutions together with Senseye’s Predictive Maintenance solution, Kumar Prabhas, CEO, Hinduja Tech, said.

Simon Kampa, CEO Senseye, said We believe that partnering with leading industrial and technology companies unlocks the benefits of Predictive Maintenance. That’s why we’re
delighted to be partnering with Hinduja Tech. We look forward to working with them to help OEMs and automotive customers to reduce unplanned downtime, increase productivity
and meet their sustainability targets.