Taliban declares ISIS-Khorasan a ‘corrupt sect’

4 July 2022, 2:50 pm
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Taliban declared Islamic State affiliate ISIS-K a ‘corrupt sect’ and asked Afghans not to have any kind of relationship with them as stated in the resolution issued at the end of the three-day grand assembly of religious scholars and elders on Saturday. “We call out to the nation that the seditious phenomenon called ISIS-K is void of today’s age and a false sect that spreads corruption in our Islamic country. It is forbidden to have any kind of help or relationship with them,” the Taliban said in a resolution on Saturday, as quoted by CNN.

The participants also described Daesh or the rival Islamic State outfit as “insurgent, terrorist”, noting cooperation with the group is against Islamic laws. The resolution said any armed opposition against the Islamic establishment is a breach of Islamic laws and regarded as rebellion. “Afghanistan follows an Islamic system of rule and armed opposition to this system is considered rebellion and corruption. Any kind of opposition to this Islamic ruling system, which is in conflict with Islamic Sharia and national interests, is corruption and illegal action,” it added.