Biggest Scam in Construction of Coimbatore Airport Runway.. Southern Regional Contractors Association letter to Central Government..!

5 July 2023, 6:23 pm
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The Southern Regional Contractors Association forwarded a letter to the Airports Authority of India alleging Malpractice in the Construction of the Coimbatore Airport Runway. In the letter, it is stated that: The Airports Authority of India has issued a notice regarding the tender for the construction of the runway of the Coimbatore Airport. The contractors were instructed to pay a sum of Rs 72 lakh for the construction of the airstrip at a total cost of Rs 46.32 crore.

Accordingly, on January 25, 2022, by paying Rs.11,800, the tender documents were received and all the documents were submitted by February 24. Following this, 9 companies participated in the tender auction that held in two phases, RDS project ltd, SRC Project private limited, NSC project PVT ltd, M/S SBG infracon Pvt.Ltd, M/s Vishal Infra structure Ltd,KCP Infra limited, JKG infratech private limited, M /s Brahma infra, ATR Infra project Pvt. Ltd.

In this auction, the tender has been allocated to the JKG INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED which is selected as lowest bidder of all. That is, at the rate of Rs.500 per square meter, a total of 35,900 square meters has been bid by the company for Rs.1,79,50,000.

Since the tender for Constructing the runway of Coimbatore Airport has been taken for such a low bid amount, various malpractices are involved. Any tender where unit rate of any item/ items appear unrealistic, such tender will be considered as unbalanced and in case the tendered in unable to provide satisfactory explanation, such a tender is liable to disqualified and rejected”

That being the case, building a runway at such a low cost is quite a challenge. Also, considering the profit motive, there are suspicions that substandard materials may be used. Moreover, sufficient and qualified labours were not also involved. Therefore, we insist that the quality of materials used for construction work should be inspected by the authorities.

In particular, since the tender has been taken for a low amount, instead of using a Batching Plant worth Rs.10 crore, a Drum Mix Plant worth Rs.40 lakh has been used. Therefore, the concerned contractor should be ordered to redo the substandard works without releasing the bill amount. Therefore, it is requested to take suitable action against the fraudulent activities involved in execution of work by the contractor JKG INFRATECH PRIVATE LIMITED.