Supporters of Minister’s assistant threatening Contract Workers.. Complaint lodged by leading Construction Company..!

16 April 2024, 4:48 pm
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South India’s leading construction company, KCP Infra Limited, has lodged a complaint with the Chennai Police Commissioner against the supporters of the minister’s assistant for threatening the employees involved in the disposal of ash waste at the Ennore thermal power plant.

It has been stated in the complaint filed in this regard that:- We have been successfully carrying out the infrastructure works of the South Indian states like roads and flyovers for more than 25 years by taking the tender of the government.

At present, we are carrying out the work of ash removal on contract basis at Ennore Thermal Power Station which is managed by TNEB.

In this situation, while the employees were engaged in the work of removing ash, some local goondas led by Mr. Dhanasekar, who is said to have visited the jail several times, threatened to pay Rs.500 per truck. Also, they have stopped our employees from loading the ash in the truck.

At that time, our company staff said that they will give us a phone number to talk to our MD no matter what. They said, ‘We can’t talk to your MD, if you want, call and tell him that our boss Mr. Dhanasekar is very close to Mr. Gopal, Personal Assistant(PA) to EB Minister.’

This all happened in the presence of EB officials, who stayed as salient spectator. They have also threatened to kill our staff members, if the matter escalates. Due to such intimidation, our company could not complete the work properly and the authorities have issued a notice to our company.

Therefore, we request that strict action should be taken against the supporter of the minister’s assistant who is threatening to stop us from working.