Contract for the construction work for the improvement of Karunya University; Allotment to Constronics Infra Limited..!

25 May 2024, 4:44 pm
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Constronics Infra Limited has been awarded the contract for the construction of Karunya University worth Rs.4 crores.

Constronics Infra Limited is one of the famous construction companies in Tamil Nadu. This company has been contracting various government and private construction works and has been delivering the works in the best manner. In particular, the construction work is completed by the date specified in the contract.

Accordingly, Constronics Infra Limited has bagged the contract for the construction works worth about Rs.4.64 crores at the famous Karunya Institute of Education in Coimbatore.

Accordingly, road works, high level RCC bridge across stream link, RCC RETAINING WALLS, PCC RETAINING WALLS are to be carried out. It has also been ordered to complete these works within 210 days of commencement of work.