Madras High Court Directs the State Highways Department to issue Certificates for Coimbatore Contractors

23 August 2023, 6:17 pm
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The Madras High Court has issued an order to the Tamil Nadu Highway Department to immediately issue certificates to the Coimbatore Contractors. On behalf of the Tamil Nadu Highway Department tender has been called for various road works worth Rs. 120 crores. The deadline for uploading tenders through e-tender mode ends today evening.

Earlier, the machinery and plants of the concerned contractors will be inspected and certified by the Quality Control Department of the Highways Department to ascertain whether they are qualified contractors. It is an important condition imposed on the contractors that the certificate should be attached to the contract and uploaded.

But there raised an allegation that certain contractors in Coimbatore are not given certificates and only few contractors are given with certificates in order to give them an opportunity to request tenders. In this regard, a case was filed in the Madras High Court on behalf of the Coimbatore Corporation Contractors Welfare Association.

In the petition, it has been mentioned that the tenders should not be given to the companies which have already taken tenders and have not completed the work completely, while some companies have taken tenders worth 100 crore rupees and have not yet completed the work and are delaying, but the state highway department are giving tenders to those companies again. They have also said that they are discriminating in issuing qualification certificates to the extent that other qualified contractors cannot get tenders.

The Madras High Court heard the case filed on behalf of the Coimbatore Corporation Contractors Welfare Association and ordered the Tamil Nadu Highways Department to immediately issue qualification certificates to the Coimbatore Contractors and adjourned the hearing of the case to tomorrow.