TN girl’s death: BJP, VHP allege conversion pressure

21 January 2022, 1:39 pm
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A 17-year-old student in Thanjavur district has died, 10 days after she attempted suicide by consuming pesticide.

In a video that is said to have recorded before her death, the girl said she was being ‘tortured’ by her hostel warden ever since she shunned a proposal to ‘convert’ to Christianity a couple of years ago. However, Thanjavur district police said no complaint of ‘forced conversion’ was received.

Superintendent of Police, C Ravali Priya Gandhapuneni said revealing the photograph or other details of children or the name or address of the school or any other particulars which might lead to the identification of the child who has fallen victim to any form of crime was an offence under the Juvenile Justice Act.

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