Thiruvalluvar Idol with Tamil Scripts for the First time in the World designed by KCP Infra Limited – Opening soon in Coimbatore

10 June 2023, 1:53 pm
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KCP Infra Limited constructed a unique statue of the Great Tamil Poet and Philosopher Thiruvalluvar along Kurichi lakebed as a part of Smart City project. The Statue is all set to unveil soon. On the bankside of Kurichi pond, KCP Infra has constructed a huge statue of Thiruvalluvar with 1330 Tamil characters in honor of 1330 Thirukkural written by Thiruvalluvar. The Kurichi Lake is being given a massive facelift at a cost of about Rs 52 Crore.

The sculpture is 15 feet wide, 25 feet high and 20 feet long, weighing 2.50 tonnes. KCP Infra Limited professionals constructed the entire structure with 12 vowels(uyir eluthukal), 18 consonants(mei eluthukal), 216 vowels consonants(uyirmei eluthukal) and 1 ayutha eluthu with a total of 247 Tamil alphabets. Apart from this, the statue has been designed with four secret word, which need to be searched and found.

Stating the Thiruvalluvar Project, K. Chandra Prakash, Managing Director of KCP Infra Limited said, “Thiruvalluvar statue has been erected in various countries of the world including India. But there is no statue of Thiruvalluvar in Tamil script anywhere in the world. A statue of a political party leader in Korea was erected in the country’s native language. Similarly, this is the first time in Tamil history that Thiruvalluvar sculpture has been erected with Tamil characters in Coimbatore.

Vatteluthu is a kind of writing system used to write Tamil from 3rd century AD to 10th century AD. Similarly, the script on the right breast of the sculpture is written in Tamili or Tamil Brahmi. It is notable that the modern Tamil alphabet evolved from the Tamili script. All the Tamil alphabets in the sculpture are made of quality steel and the letters are interlaced in different shapes to reflect the sun’s rays on the idol. KCP Infra Limited team involved infrastructure engineers from various part of India with statue-making expertise to design and execute this pride idol. Also, he added, this statue made of Tamil characters is expected to be a unique symbol not only for Coimbatore but also for India.